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About Hu Pao
About Hu Pao
ESG sustainable ideas incorporated in Hu Pao
"Consistency and safety" is our core value. Hu Pao was established in 1999 and is a specialty nuts manufactory. With our "high quality, good service, and short lead time," we've extended our business reach to the automotive fastener market. We hope to continuously offer Taiwanese industries enhanced quality, improved core technology and new products...
Satisfying various customized demand
30 years of R&D ability and a complete range of products to satisfy various demands for customized automotive, special nuts, and locknuts.
Quality management
Quality management
Accurate measurement & guaranteed quality
We carry out batch no. control and record manufacturing parameters and material supply in the optimized ERP system, so we can trace our products to the upstream or the downstream, monitor product safety, and establish reports for complete traceability.
Zero carbon emission icon
Zero carbon emission
Combine zero carbon emission with continuous product innovation for transformation
Environment and energy icon
Environment and energy
Build an environment and energy management system and gradually reduce carbon emission year after year to net zero
Social care icon
Social care
Continuous participation in social care activities for social responsibility fulfilment
Sustainable development icon
Sustainable development
Reinforce execution of sustainable development and revigorate relationships with global partners dedicated to sustainable development
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ESG sustainable ideas incorporated in Hu Pao
Quality management
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Address: No.40-1,Sec.1,Zhongshan Rd.,Guiren Dist.,Tainan City 711 Taiwan
Tel: 886-6-239 3616
Fax: 886-6-239 8999
E-mail: hupao@hupao.com.tw
Copyright © 2024 Hu Pao Industries Co.,Ltd.如保興業股份有限公司

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